Rebecca Kelly

Rebecca is the newest member of our GIS Team but started as a field archaeologist. She received a BA (with Honors) in Archaeology from University College London and her M.Sc. in Early Prehistory from the University of York. Her Master’s thesis focused on fire’s role in the British Mesolithic. In addition to all that, she has a Bachelor of Applied Technology (BGIS) from the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology. Her experience is highly varied (she would say patchy but varied experience is the spice of life!), having participated in excavations at Mesolithic sites in Yorkshire (UK), an Epipaleolithic site in Jordan, a Neanderthal site in Spain, a landscape survey in Italy, and a coastal site in BC. Her CRM experience is international, having worked in London, Yorkshire, New Brunswick, Alberta and BC. Fun fact about Rebecca: her first archaeology job was at the Museum of London in 2007, and between archaeology gigs, she has worked at a heli-skiing lodge and as a guide in Banff National Park. She likes landscape archaeology and mapping but, like many of us, really doesn’t like mosquitos.

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