The business side of things

Hello world!

I would say that archaeologists are not so tech-savvy, but I might just be speaking for myself.  I started Circle CRM Group in June of 2010 and got some great people to do my website, my logo, my branding (shout out to Charis Web and to James B!)… which helped me get started on my first marketing blitz.  Hurrah… but this world is moving quickly and it seems that the thing to do is tell everyone about your daily adventures.  What?  Wait, I sound like an old person.  Anyway…

This blog is meant to follow in the applicable footsteps of some really great companies, who have found success through great customer service, provided by great people.  The whole premise behind Circle is that strong and proper leadership will make for happy employees, who will provide the best service to our clients, who, in turn, will keep coming back for more.  A circle of happiness, if you will.  Yes, have a bite of cheese.  Tastes good, right?

This is our first WordPress blog entry, but we have been been blogging for a few months now.  We were just a bit ghetto – I said wasn’t tech savvy.

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