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What a difference a year makes

About a year ago, I embarked on a new adventure.  No, not the Indiana Jones kind, not just yet. It was probably just as stressful, and perhaps as much of a roller coaster ride, though there were no life-threatening rolling boulders, just mortgage-threatening lines of credit.  One year later though, and I’m still alive and, most importantly, alive and kicking.

It has been such an educational experience, being an entrepreneur.  I feel I have grown so much in both mind and spirit (luckily, I kicked myself in the butt before I grew too much physically).  Circle met its targets for its first year and was exposed to hundreds of people by mail, phone and email, and hopefully thousands of people via internet.  Marketing became a new-found love for me, and I was able to bring all the skills I learned in the past right back into the present.  Networking became fun, meeting people became fun and drinking lots and lots of coffee continued to be fun.  I have met some great people who have given me great advice, both in business and in industry, and I feel like I’ve gained some mentors along the way.  Some of those mentors, I found, were right in my backyard.

I’m not going to do an Oscar speech and start listing people that I’d like to thank.  First of all, my successes are small; I measure them this way so that I strive for more.  Secondly, know that if you interacted with me this past year, you would be on this list.  I feel that everyone has provided me with a lesson.

And one of the greatest lessons I learned this year?  You can’t work all the time.  You must find time to play.  Play makes the world, especially work, a better place.

P.S. Why not come play with us in SVG?

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  1. Yes, indeed. There’s nothing I’d like better than to have St. Vincent and the Grenadines known for its archaeology. But visitors should take a look at my blog to see what else they can look at; and look at the “Karlek” page on flickr.

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