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Social media musings on #smday

It’s Social Media Day!  To celebrate, I am providing you with my Top 5 finds today from Twitter and various blogs.

1.  My official Calgary Stampede nickname is Margarita “Doctor Release” de Guzman.  Ummm… comments? (Thanks @kuwindayyc)

2. 4000 people are officially “attending” Shag an Archaeologist Day.  That’s it??? (Thanks @diggingthedirt)

3. Social Media Day could not have happened without Mashable. Here‘s their article on how social media has changed people’s lives. (Thanks @mashable)  I have really enjoyed blogging and find it a great outlet for organizing thoughts and giving back to the world (yes, I like to think that the whole world is reading this). I think bloggers will agree that it gives you a sense of fulfillment.

4. “How do we help great ideas thrive? By understanding that we won’t know the outcome until we explore.” This is from The 99%, who strives to go beyond creating ideas, finding ways to make ideas happen. (Thanks NP of Platform Design for the tip!)  As an entrepreneur, I am always looking for inspiration. Get inspired!

5. Amber Rae‘s flow chart for making decisions (sorry kids for the F bomb).  ‘Nuf said – fabulous.

And… bonus #6! Love @ancientdigger for posting “30 Reasons Why You Should Become an Archaeologist,” though not everything applies in my case.  I’m betting that if you meet at least half of this criteria, you’d be pretty happy being an archaeologist. Notes: I totally agree with the love for Indiana Jones, #8 is key, I think that women get buffed too, and I think I’d prefer cocktails with my friends over watching archaeology documentaries… but that’s just me.

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