Joys at camp?

If you have ever worked in northern Alberta, you are probably familiar with camp, in relation to work in the oil sands.  For all you other folks, it’s not hiking and camping in the forest with a fire and some s’mores.  I had heard some (horror) stories in the past, and was a little hesitant to live at a northern work camp because I can be such a picky eater… but this camp was actually pretty great.  We were assigned good, clean, private rooms, and there was a great variety of food to choose from.  The problem, which many will attest to, is that you are tempted to eat WAY too much.  And for me, they had two of my loves just there for the taking 24 hours a day.  Perhaps it was a good thing that I actually wasn’t there too long (gluttony!?)…

What are these loves?  Well, coffee and cookies, of course!  And now I have found the perfect mug, so that I can still have a free hand for checking out artifacts and digging in the dirt.  They make it for lefties and righties, too.  How clever.  Thanks as usual to swissmiss for leading me to notonthehighstreet.com.

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