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Start with yourself, #occupy your mind

Amidst all the recent occupy movements, there has been increasing awareness with regard to financial difficulties amongst “the 99 percent” that are seemingly and abundantly different from those of “the 1 percent.”  I sympathize with many of the 99%; financial difficulties, especially due to rising medical costs (so glad I live in Canada), are very real.  But I would like to suggest that an unknown portion of this 99% is lucky and not so down on their luck; I am part of that percent, and WE can make something happen.  As Behance‘s think tank The 99 Percent says:

It’s not about ideas. It’s about making things happen.”

Two great things (among many) are happening in Calgary.  The first is TEDxCalgary on November 18, which focuses on volunteering.  A higher than average number of Calgarians devote their FREE time to making things happen.  Be a part of it.

Second, Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi recently launched 3 Things for Calgary, asking Calgarians what they can do about their city and their community, and encourages them to spread the word.  It starts by asking yourself 3 questions:

1. What am I good at?

2. What do I care about?

3. What do I have to say about it?

These aren’t easy questions, but coming up with answers and spreading the word is a start.  Stay tuned for my answers!  What are yours?

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ks-Zhy9lon8]

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