Erik Johannesson

Erik has over 20 years of archaeological experience and is a qualified permit holder in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and the Northwest Territories. Originally from Sweden, he has also lived in Denmark and the US, earning his Ph.D. in archaeology from UNC-Chapel Hill in North Carolina. Having worked in the American Southwest, Southeast, along the Atlantic Seaboard, as well as in Western Canada and the Arctic, Erik has comprehensive experience with all aspects of HRIA/HRIM, from minor to large-scale projects for oil & gas, transportation, urban developments, forestry, aggregate extraction, energy, and more. He has also conducted archaeological research in Mongolia, Russia, Crete, and Egypt’s Valley of the Kings and taught archaeology and anthropology at several universities in North America, including the University of Calgary here in Alberta. When he’s not doing archaeology, Erik likes gardening, collecting books, and Swedish heavy metal. Allegedly he doesn’t like cake, but we’re not convinced.

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