Margarita de Guzman

Margarita has over 20 years of extensive archaeological experience and knowledge in all services related to historical resource consulting. She is an approved permit-holding archaeologist in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Yukon and the Northwest Territories. Margarita has managed many large-scale HRIAs and HRIMs throughout her consulting career and recorded numerous historic resource sites. Her experience includes field assessments and mitigations for projects ranging from small-scale oil and gas to Class I pipelines and Forestry Management Areas, as well as infrastructure, power, residential/industrial subdivisions, and other developments in the private and public sectors.

A graduate of the University of British Columbia, Simon Fraser University, and Durham University (UK), Margarita holds degrees in Archaeology and Economics. Her Master’s studies involved relational artifact analysis of three central European sites: Austria, Hungary, and the Czech Republic. Upon completing her studies, Margarita spent five years working in Europe on a variety of archaeology sites, including an Iron Age hillfort in Schwarzenbach, Austria, a complex Roman bath site in Grumentum, Italy and an Urartu fortress outside Yerevan, Armenia. Margarita also founded and co-directed the SVG Public Archaeology Program, a non-profit rescue excavation on the Caribbean island of St. Vincent. With the help of a select team, she completed two seasons of public excavations.

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