Field notes, Hope to make you think

Spring has sprung… or has it?

Question: How long do you have to live in Calgary to get used to the crazy weather?

I spent my childhood here, and have lived here for the past five years.  When the sun shines and the snow starts melting, I think spring has arrived… but that isn’t always the case!  Perhaps it’s just wishful thinking.  As an archaeologist, winter is my enemy.  (Key word: archaeologist; for all you mountain bums out there – I used to be one of you!)  So here’s hoping that the snow melts and the ground thaws, so I can go back to digging holes and finding stuff.








P.S. It goes without saying that it’s silly to be wishing for warm weather when there is so much disaster and strife on the other side of the Pacific.  Help out if you can!

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