Field notes

What do archaeologists do exactly?

People often wonder what it is archaeologists actually do… Or maybe they don’t, and they assume we’re out there livin’ it up like Indiana Jones or, my favourite, the Relic Hunter.  But it’s not true.  For the many of us, there are few amazing finds, and certainly no guns (although I have been asked if I’d like to carry one, in case of bears – the answer was no).  Hats, though?  Of all different shapes and sizes, definitely yes.  Anyway, for some nitty gritty answers, complete with pics and videos, check out the Day of Archaeology 2012 (if you haven’t already – sorry for the late post)!  And although I couldn’t find the time to post one myself, here is one that my assistant of the day posted.

Also, when I’m in the field, I like to post a daily photo on Instagram, so search for me and follow me!  Here is a little sample… The last couple of months were mainly spent in the forest, and too much of that time was spent trying to get a quad unstuck.

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