Field notes, Hope to make you think

Be authentic.

I’m really happy to say that it has not been a year since I have written a post on the circle blog; it has only been 9 months! Ok, that’s horrible. Anyway, yesterday, I attended the AWE (Alberta Women Entrepreneurs) Leadership Summit and learned a few things I felt are worth sharing.

1. Do you all know about Barb Stegemann? I did not. I don’t have cable so I didn’t see her bring tears to the eyes of two, count ’em, TWO dragons on Dragon’s Den, and be the first female winner on the Atlantic version of this show. She was called a game changer… and I’d say that she still is today. She is making me change my game. She believes in action, and so do I. Key things that stood out from her talk was to protect your ideas like you would protect your children; if people challenge your ideas, this will only push you to be greater. Protect your joy, and never compromise your ethics. Also, 20% of the people out there won’t like you, so don’t worry about it!

2. Darryl Moore gave an amazing workshop on being authentic. This really hit home to me, and I was able to chat a little more with Darryl as he happened to sit at my table. Being authentic comes from our values, beliefs, patterns, etc., and it means to be introspective, to understand where you are weak, as well as where you are strong. This helps to build integrity, create value and build character.  Darryl’s talk cannot be summed up in a paragraph, or even in a couple of hours! So, I think I’ll go for coffee with him. Oh, also, he asked us to write a song about what we are most passionate about. I wrote a little rhyme about archaeology… stay tuned, I will post it!

3. Tara Kelly taught me about the 3 P’s: plan, passion and patience, to which she also added positive attitude and being prepared. These will help you to move forward and be a great leader. The best thing I took from her was a quote from Douglas MacArthur. I wasn’t sure if I could write it down in time, so I took a photo – check it out.

I learned quite a lot more yesterday, far too much to put into a little blog post. I took 7 1/2 pages of notes! My advice: go next year!


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