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Q&A with Emily

Emily is a new Assistant Archaeologist who recently graduated from the University of Calgary with a double major in Anthropology and Archaeology. It’s not too often that new grads find employment in their field prior to the convocation ceremony. Read about what made Emily pursue archaeology as a career path!

How did you learn about Circle, and what made you want to join our community?

My dad sent me an article a few years ago that was published about Marg and the Fair Field Foundation, and as a young woman just starting a career in archaeology, it was great to see a CEO and a company that had mentorship and supporting women in the field as a core value. 

What made you first pursue archaeology as a career path? 

I have always loved finding things around my grandparents’ farm, whether it was old China in the tilled fields, or abandoned bird nests. In the summer of 2022, I learned I could make a living out of it, I went to the Yukon with my great aunt and met several Yukon archaeologists and they showed me the collections held at the Whitehorse archaeology office. They told me about the world of CRM and that archaeology is not restricted to academia. I have a career where I work outside, hike, go to places most people don’t get to see, and most importantly, find some cool things in the dirt. 

Tell us one thing about yourself that 90% of us do not know.

I’m a 7th generation Canadian; my father’s family came to Canada in the 1830’s from Ireland. 


If you could travel to a country specifically to do archaeology, where would it be?

I would do archaeology in Ireland; it’s somewhere I have always wanted to visit, and I’ve always been interested in.

How would you spend your evening if you were in a cabin with no cell service and no internet?

I would have a bonfire with a couple of refreshing drinks, read, visit with family/friends, and simply explore the area around.

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